Modern day electric fireplaces and heaters are available in a vast array of different styles, sizes and have a range of heating abilities. However, choosing the right heating for your home isn’t difficult. Let’s consider some of the key factors involved in choosing an electric heater or fireplace for your home that will work best, whatever your circumstances.

Electric Fireplace TV & Media Consoles
Today you can secure a heating source and a media centre all in one with an electric fireplace media console. These nifty fireplace designs allow you to house your TV and provide storage and heating source all in one. Incredibly all you need to do is plug your heater in and it will start heating your home and providing entertainment at the same time! These typically provide heating for up to 350 sq. Ft, so are best suited for zonal heating, for example, for those looking to heat a single room.

Electric Fireplace Mantels
Electric fireplace mantels are another great option, perhaps most suitable for those looking for a more traditional looking fireplace style. Today the best electric fireplace models feature authentic looking flame and coal sets that feature realistic dancing flames and can be found in an enumerate number of styles including modern and the more traditional looking styles. Moreover, many units feature air purifiers and other user-friendly features for convenient and efficient operation.

Infrared Fireplaces & Heaters
Infrared heating are a great solution for zonal or single room heating and providing additional heat to a poorly insulated room in your home or outer buildings such as garages. Modern infrared technology is incredibly advanced and can create a comfortable heat capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet. The average infrared heater simply needs a power outlet and is lightweight and easy enough to transport around your home wherever you may need a little extra warmth.

Electric Fireplace Inserts
Inserts are perfect for those wanting to maintain the authentic look of a traditional gas fireplace. Not only that but inserts offer increased efficiency since they are designed to neatly slot into a wall recess that provides further insulation and prevent heat loss. Additionally, there are electric log inserts that are incredibly straightforward to install and ideal for replacement of a traditional gas fireplace. You will no longer have to accept the coldness of an empty fireplace; instead, you can take comfort from a warm and stunning, efficient, value for money fire operated with the click of a switch.

Garage Heaters
It can be difficult to find a safe heating solution for garages, workshops and other indoor and enclosed areas, but there are some that have been designed with these environments in mind. Electric garage heaters offer high-performance, efficient and safe heating that can be mounted or moved around conveniently in these types of spaces. Best of all, since they are powered by electricity there’s no need to be concerned about potentially dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide.

Infrared Heaters
Heating outdoors can be difficult due to the changing weather conditions and limited availability of a power outlet, yet infrared heaters are a truly viable option for outdoor heating. Whether you want to heat a patio, porch or other outdoor space, infrared heating generate natural warmth that is safe and reliable. There are many different types of infrared heaters available in a wide range of different styles and even units that can be powered by an outdoor power generator or solar power.

Zonal Heating – Saves Money and Helps the Environment

With the ever increasing cost of energy bills, zonal heating is a practical solution to reducing your energy usage and staying in control without being at the mercy of the cold weather.
Consider how long you actually spend in a certain area or room of your home, you probably find that you spend the majority of your time in a single room. Therefore, by using the art of zonal heating, you can switch on your supplemental heat source when you in the room and turn it off when you leave. This allows you to reduce the temperature of your thermostat without sacrificing the comfort of a warm and cozy room – the one that you reside in most of all.