You might know or have seen somewhere but if you don’t: Japan is extremely crowded. They’ve got 130 million people living in a country the space of which can easily be compared to the state of California. California, on the other hand, has a mere population of 40 million. To some people, even California is a densely populated region, so imagine what it must be like to live in Japan. Now consider the fact that most of the population of Japan is crammed up in the bigger cities like Tokyo. When you get this deadly mixture, something needs to be done about it. The Japanese implemented the only solution that was possible: to create apartments which are minuscule.


The word minuscule may sound like an exaggeration, but isn’t these apartments are fit only for a single person to live in, and the term live in here suggests simply staying alive. Even standing up is impossible in these apartments unless you’re 2 foot something. If you suffer from claustrophobia, then you may want to steer clear of these buildings. In fact, you’ll want to stay miles away from these tiny rooms, because they could turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Shoebox apartments size

Imagine living in a room in which you and your furniture can almost barely fit in. That’s what it’s like living in one of those shoebox apartments. They got their name for a good reason. You have enough space for a small bed, and a small hanger to hang your clothes in. You won’t be able to do anything at you might want and will have to slouch at best in some areas if you want to move around. There isn’t much moving around to be done anyways. The entire room isn’t bigger than a few meters square. The best you can do is having a television in the room for entertainment. Some of these apartments don’t even have windows, so you’ll be feeling pretty closed in. Just try not to imagine someone locking you in there, or you’ll prefer to sleep on the streets instead of one of these rooms.

Your social life

Forget to invite any friends over for a party when living in these apartments. Too many friends won’t be able to fit in while you’re already there. Any form of getting together you have to anyone will have to take place outside. You might feel a little lonely living in these apartments.

The cost of these apartments

Due to high demand, you won’t be receiving these apartments at a low price. In fact, some of them even cost over $500 per month to stay in. That’s quite a considerable amount for such a small place, but if you can’t help it, you won’t have a choice to stay anywhere else, as the other places are bound to be a lot more expensive.

It’s almost not worth getting one of those rooms to stay in, but if you’re a single person with nowhere else to go, you’ll find yourself forced to live in one of these shoebox apartments.